Young Stock

Young Stock Mayo Cow ComfortCOMFORT FOR CALVES
Mayo young stock mats are a cost effective way of keeping your valuable stock comfy and
training them into using stalls. They are roughly 24mm deep x 2m x 1.4m and have a lightly
textured surface with a smooth underside.
Because the young stock mats are bigger in area than our other products, it means they are
easily able to cover two or more stalls (depending on stall centres).
The mats are available in either trimmed or untrimmed form, if you order untrimmed you
will receive all the maximum area size achievable as described above, but the edges will be
uneven (waney edged). If you want the trimmed version the size will be roughly 75mm less in both width and length.
These mats are manufactured to the same spec as the original mayo mat. This means that they are extremely tough and although described as a young stock mat, they will be equally capable of supporting a Pedigree Bull!